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12/17/18 UPDATE Civil Suit Press Conference

*** UPDATE – Link to gofundme site –

*** UPDATE – Link to  William H. Childs –

*** UPDATE – Link for anonymous tips at

*** UPDATE – Here is the Press Statement PDF PressStatement2018

12/17/2018 Press Statement – Jeff Hanson

My name is Jeff Hanson and I am Trista’s step-father. As some of you already know, I designed Ayla’s website and have helped with media events over these years.

Today we’re asking the public’s help in locating Justin DiPietro to notify him of the impending civil suit.

Justin DiPietro is the only adult in the house that night who has been unavailable to answering questions about what happened to Ayla. We need to locate him in order to piece together what happened to his daughter seven years ago. If you know where Justin is, or have had any recent interactions with Justin DiPietro, particularly in the past 12 months, please contact William H. Childs at or leave an anonymous tip at

Justin, if you’re reading this please contact us. Its been seven years. It’s time. We need to know what you know about what happened to your daughter. She would be eight years old today. She’d be a third grader with favorite movies and favorite friends. We need to know what you know about why she isn’t here today. For your own sake, and for Ayla’s, please contact us.
We started a $25,000 site for legal fees associated with this wrongful death lawsuit. $25,000 is a lot of money to me, but considering the magnitude of this case I’m told it is a drop in the bucket in the legal world. We would not be here today if it were not for those who donated to the probate case. One donor posted that she could not afford to donate, but wanted to see this case move forward. Every pay week she donated what she could to the cause until the goal was reached.

So we’re asking that you please do not donate if you cannot afford to. Sharing the GoFundMe site on social media is more than we can ask from you. But for those who can, just a few dollars in a hat passed around the office today would go a long way for closure in a common cause and justice for Ayla tomorrow.

Visit for the details of accountability and we ask that your network posts this link on today’s and future stories.

This has gone on for too long now. Whatever happened to Ayla needs to finally be told. Thank you for your time. Jeff

***UPDATE – Here is the Lewiston Police Report PDF LewsitonPD

Lewiston Police Department Case Report

Page: 1 10/11/2013

Incident #: llLEW-5219-0 F Call #: 11-89929

Date/Time Reported: 10/17/2011 1806 Report Date/Time: 10/30/2011 0615

Status: No Crime Involved

Report ing Officer: Patrol Officer CHARLES WEAVER Approving Officer: Lieutenant Adam HIGGINS




LOCATION TYPE: Residence/Home/Apt./Condo AP- IN THE REAR

Zone: Sabatt Odd Scribner2East
















Lewiston Police Department


Page: 1

Entered: 11/04/2011 @ 2052 Modified: 11/04/2011 @ 2152 Approved: 11/04/2011 @ 2240

Entry ID: LPD3391

Modified ID: LPD3391 Approval ID: LPD900

On 10-17-11 at 1806 I responded to the LPD lobby for a retrieval of property complaint. Upon arrival I spoke with the complainant, Justin Dipietro, who stated that he was going to 259 Sabattus St. to retreive his daughter, Ayla Reynolds, and he wanted a police presence as he was concerned there may be resistance.

Dipietro explained that he and the mother of his child, Trista Reynolds, had an agreement that if she went into treatment he would take custody of Ayla. Dipietro stated that Trista was currently at St. Mary’s under going “treatment.”

After speaking with Dipietro Iconsulted my supervisor, LtWatson, who stated that he had been on the phone with Child Protective Services and had spoken to Karen Small who in fact had authorized Dipietro to take custody of his daughter

After learning that Dipietro was the legal guardian, I escorted him to 259 Sabattus St. I had him stand by in his vehicle while Ispoke to the aunt of Ayla, Jessica Reynolds , the tenant of the apartment who was currently caring for the child. Jessica stated that she would not willingly give Ayla up to Dipietro as he had beaten the child in the past and she was terrified of him. Jessica claimed Dipietro is abusive and is only taking the child to attack the child’s mother. Iexplained to Jessica that Karen Small of CPS had authorized the custody. Jessica then packed Ayla’s belongings and advised me to watch the child’s reaction upon seeing her father, as it would be a negative one. Ayla was currently in the kitchen laughing, playing, and attempting to make conversation

with me.

Ithen had Dipietro come to the apartment door. Inoted that upon seeing her father, Ayla immediately broke down crying and attempted to flee through the kitchen. Iwas able to pick the child up and hand her over to her father as she continued to cry uncontrollably.

Dipietro exited the scene with Ayla and her belongings. Ithen stood by and contacted Karen Small so she could better explain the situation to Jessica. The two conversed on the phone for several minutes before cleared. Prior to departing Jessica explained that she and her sister, Trista, along with their parents would be going to court over custody while working along side DHHS to resolve the issue. Nothing Further.

WEAVER 3391.


*** For those who missed the press conference, here’s a link to the video at KECI. I’m freezing after watching them all standing there with the snow falling down.

I know a lot of you still read here but don’t always comment. Everyone please join in a discussion sharing your thoughts and opinions. I’m bringing over comments from our last post made after the press conference aired.

Linda –

I missed much of the news conference because I was trying to watch another site – that ended up not having it. I did see Trista speak. She did such a good job. She spoke of the fact she wants to get Ayla back and get the truth. (It was clearly a very emotional time for Trista when speaking.) She wants to know when Ayla died. She wants to know why Ayla died. She still thinks about what Ayla went through when what happened, happened. She still worries Ayla was wondering where her mother was. Trista is determined to never give up at getting the truth for Ayla. Mr. Childs and Trista spoke about getting the truth of what happened.

Apparently both ED and CR have declined polys.

Mr Childs wants to depose Justin. They can proceed without it. But it would be better to be able to depose him. They are asking for help in finding Justin. msp

.MsP – There is a clip of Trista speaking and some quotes.


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