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“Frozen Truth” is bringing attention to Ayla’s case.

Hi everyone. While we wait for the civil suit to progress I wanted to draw your attention to the Frozen Truth podcasts in case you haven’t already heard them. For those who haven’t followed Ayla’s case from the time she was reported missing, these podcasts will help you to understand all the ups and downs and twists and turns. Even for those of us who have researched and followed since December 17, 2011, these can help us remember things we’ve forgotten over the years. I’ve linked to the recent episodes and a new one will be up each Sunday. Thank you Scott Fuller for keeping Ayla’s story from being forgotten.

Frozen Truth – A serial podcast examining the 2011 disappearance of Ayla Reynolds from Waterville, Maine

Episode 7 – Baby Ayla

Episode 8 – The Microscope 

Episode 9 – Prosecutorial Discretion

Episode 10 – Everybody Knows

Episode 11 – Maine DHHS

Just a reminder that we can still find the old posts at United for Ayla. Many of the original MSM articles no longer exist but a lot of research was done for the U4A posts and we can find information there that would otherwise be lost to us. After transitioning from United for Ayla to Friends for Ayla, I have re-posted some of my original posts here. You may want to scroll through the archives at both blogs to refresh your memory.

Maine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076


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