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warden dumpster 4A comment made recently had me going back and checking information from the early days of the search. 

April 19, 2015 at 1:09 pm

It may sound harsh to some, but I believe that justin lost it, hurt her, and put her in a dumpster. There are thousands of them in central maine, once one is picked up they bring them to a dump and any remains are most likely very well buried by now.

My uncle was one of the game wardens that did the dives in the rivers and lakes during the search. He’s very well respected and has been doing this over 20 years, I believe anything he says. I’ve asked him multiple times what he thinks happened, and that is his response each and every time. I would not be a but surprised if he was correct this whole time. I just want someone to find her somehow and bring her home.

It wouldn’t be the first time that remains were left in a dumpster but I thought I remembered reading that dumpsters had been searched and all trash and containers had been inspected at the landfill. Here’s what I found.

One of the companies, Central Maine Disposal in Fairfield, provided six paid employees to the search Thursday, president Mickey Wing said.

It was the second day of searching for Wing’s staff. He estimates he is spending “a few thousand dollars” per day in labor fees.

“We just want to be out there and do what we can,” he said. “The more people that are out there looking, the more chance there is of finding something.”

Company vice president Charlie Wing said the company’s search efforts began in a different capacity earlier this week.

Four truck drivers inspected all trash receptacles owned by the company — nearly 600 in all — on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Their inspections included ripping open every trash bag for a close look at the contents.

“We searched every can that we dumped, and every load that has gone to the landfill has been searched as well,” he said.

Evan St. Jean, a driver for the company, has helped with the searches. The work is grim, he said.

“I’d like to get a phone call saying she’s alive someplace, but doing a search like this, it’s really hard to be optimistic,” he said.

When I first read this article I felt confident that Aylawaterville maine hadn’t been disposed of in this way but the more I think about it, maybe it’s possible. That was the Fairfield landfill near Waterville. What if Ayla was taken farther than Waterville? We don’t know how long the perpetrator had to carry out the disposal. This is a list of the active landfills in Maine and here is a map of Waterville and the surrounding area. You can right click on the map to see a larger image. If the perp had more than an hour for disposal, there are more dumpsters, trash and landfills that should’ve been searched. Augusta and Oakland, to name a few. Where is Ayla?

Maine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076


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