Still paying for that insurance Justin?


It’s been almost four years since Justin took out the LIP on Ayla. Is he still paying the premiums since the DiPietros claim to believe that Ayla is alive? Here’s an excerpt from Trista’s and Justin’s previous texts.

What am i suppose to think when all of the evidence points to the worst. Not one person including you can give me that little bit of hope that my baby girl is

Alive and alright and coming home to me . The pain i feel everyday isĀ  unbearable.

Is it true that your trying to collect Aylas life insurance? Because if so that is F****d up Justin


Justin: I still pay it thank u very much because im hoping she will b home and until proven otherwise im going to continue too

Justin: Eat s**t i have one on myself too

Justin: It has nothing to do w money never has

Do you think Justin is still paying?



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