Have they done enough to find Ayla?

ayla_search_0718_7_copyMaine State Police and Maine Warden Service did numerous land and water searches for Ayla shortly after she was reported missing. Do you think they did enough?

A lot of the cases I’ve followed have ended with the missing person’s remains found in an area that had already been searched. How can that happen? Were the searches not thorough enough or is it just impossible sometimes? Were the remains moved after the original searches? Sometimes flooding, drought or animal activity can cause remains to be uncovered too.

Maine is blessed with many gorgeous waterways, lakes and woodland so where can they hope to find Ayla? There are literally thousands of places where she could be but if it’s narrowed down to locations that can be reached in the time span that the perpetrator had to hide her, have those areas been searched well enough? Surely with electronic forensics’ capabilities MSP has to have some idea where to look.

What do you think?

Has Ayla been hidden beyond the areas already searched?

Was Ayla moved to an area already searched?

Has Ayla been in an area already searched from the beginning?

Should Maine State Police and the Maine Warden Service be doing more searches and dives for Ayla?




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