It’s been forty one months and a day since Ayla was last seen alive. All of this time people have been searching for answers while others have been lying and hiding Ayla.

Enough is enough.

Phoebe have you gotten all of your granddaughter’s blood stains cleaned up in your house? Justin are you still paying on that life insurance policy you took out on your daughter? Elisha did you finish your training in child care, even though you have lied about your niece’s disappearance? Courtney what are you doing to help find Ayla, the little girl you thought of as your own?

I hope the time comes when one of you will have the guts to tell the truth about Ayla.

Until that time, I hope your every moment is haunted by your memories of Ayla and that night.

Maine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076


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