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It’s not fair!

2zxCQ-4ja3-1Ayla has been gone for almost four years and the people who know what happened are doing whatever they want. Someone hurt Ayla and they’re getting away with it. Did the same person who hurt Ayla hide her too? How many of these people are taking their showers every morning, eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, eating dinner and watching TV like nothing has changed except Ayla is missing?

They’re getting new boyfriends and new girlfriends and dancing and partying as if nothing happened that night. How many birthdays have they celebrated since Ayla disappeared? How many nights out have they had? How many times have they laughed and smiled since Ayla was silenced? How many times have they hugged their children and watched their eyes light up when opening their birthday and Christmas presents? They get new cars, new jobs and new clothes while Ayla gets nothing, not even a proper burial. They don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. Ayla’s missing, her blood was found in that home and they all act like “it’s no big deal”.

How can this be happening? For over three years Ayla and her loved ones have been robbed of justice. Ayla was robbed of her life, her future. There is an end to her giggles and dancing. There is no hope for her growing up. A major crime was committed against Ayla and nothing is being done to give her justice. Ayla’s rights don’t seem to be as important as the rights of those who harmed her, hid her and lied about what happened. It’s not fair.

Maine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076


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