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A word from Ayla’s family

*** See update at bottom of post from Jeff

ayla mountainHeartbreaking words from Ayla’s family…  

Five-year anniversary of Ayla’s disappearance – A witness for Ayla

December 17 marks five years since Ayla’s father Justin DiPietro, girlfriend Courtney Roberts, and Aunt Elisha DiPietro told police then 21-month-old Ayla disappeared from his mother’s house during the night.

Babies don’t just disappear. Investigators had discovered Ayla’s blood in the DiPietro‘s basement and have repeatedly said that the three adults who were in the home at the time are withholding information.

Five years later, we are taking appropriate steps to preserve the rights of Ayla’s estate to assert future civil claims. We have to officially and legally receive a declaration of Ayla’s passing to take the first step to hold those accountable for baby Ayla’s demise.

Sadly, Ayla Reynolds will not be building snow forts with her little brothers this holiday season. She won’t write a list for Santa. Instead, Ayla will become the subject of a probate court filing, and, ultimately, Ayla Reynolds, who would have been 6 this year, will be declared dead. Trista Reynolds must find the courage to file the paperwork acknowledging the reality that her daughter Ayla can never come home.  And somehow, in spite of this unbearable milestone, she must do her utmost to provide an atmosphere of Christmas cheer for her young sons so that they may know the joy of Christmas rather than associate this wondrous holiday with the deep sorrow that has forever tainted the season for Trista and her family members.

Through our grief, we thank you for continuing to support our search for Ayla and for donating the funds needed to file the probate case.  We wish you and your families’ joy, peace, and prosperity this Christmas and New Year.

Maine State Police and the Attorney General’s office have conducted a thorough and comprehensive investigation, but still need a witness for Ayla to complete their case. If anyone knows anything about Ayla and her short stay with the DiPietros’, no matter how small, please contact Maine State Police: 207-624-7076 – Tip line:

*** Update from Jeff

We are no longer being represented by Michael T. Bigos esq. of Berman and Simmons in a wrongful death suit against the DiPietro’s.

In order to bring a successful civil case, Mike would need reliable witnesses to the events of the final days of Ayla’s life or he would need to develop independent forensic evidence. If and when a witness comes forward, we will reassess our options and reconsider pursuing a civil claim.

Although we are saddened by his decision, we are taking the next steps attested to at We could not thank Mike enough for all the work he and his team have done – above and beyond what anyone else has done for us.

People are forgetting about Ayla. We can’t let it happen. It’s exactly what DiPietro and company want. There’s been mention of a lot of people coming and going to Violette Ave. in the weeks before Ayla went missing.  Justin spent considerable time in Portland that week.

We’re asking anyone who was at the DiPietro house for any reason, who has knowledge of Justin’s activities in Portland, or who was in contact with Justin, Elisha DiPietro, or Courtney Roberts near the time Ayla was reported missing to please come forward and be a witness for Ayla.

Maine State Police: 207.624.7076



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