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Have you changed your mind?

ayla mountainIt’s been almost four years since Ayla was reported missing, four long years. There have been many theories of what happened to Ayla over the years but as more information became available, some theories became more unlikely than others.

Have you changed your mind over time?

What do you think happened to Ayla?

Who do you think is responsible?

When do you think it happened?

Where do you think Ayla is hidden?

Who do you think knows what happened?

What, if anything, do you think would convince them to tell the truth?

Do you think Ayla will ever be found?

Do you think Ayla will ever have justice?

We have a lot of people who read here but not as many who comment. I’m hoping everyone will share their opinions and answer any questions they feel comfortable addressing. I’m curious to read what others think but this is also kind of a roll call. Who’s still here for Ayla? We all have busy lives and can’t be here all the time but it’s nice to hear from you when you stop by 😉



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