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Slamming the door

images (38)If Justin had been the only one home with Ayla the night before and the morning he reported her missing, I truly think he would’ve been prosecuted and serving his sentence by now. It wouldn’t be a case of three witnesses who could possibly be responsible, everything would point to Justin and there would be little a defense team could use to cause reasonable doubt. Instead we have three people claiming Ayla was there when they went to bed and gone when they got up the next morning, a blessing of reasonable doubt for any defense team and a curse for those hoping for a successful prosecution – a loud slam of the door to justice for Ayla.

Did something happen to Ayla while all three were there or did it happen before that evening? If something happened before Elisha and Courtney were there, did they knowingly help Justin cover up this crime or were they conned and manipulated into thinking Ayla was asleep in another room behind a closed door? It’s also possible that Justin and Elisha fooled Courtney or that Justin and Courtney fooled Elisha but MSP has said that all three are lying. Detective Love has even said that the three have the answer to all their questions. If they have “all” the answers then they must know all that happened, right? How could they know everything that happened without being present when it happened? Surely MSP wouldn’t think that Justin could be trusted to be completely honest if he had given a minute by minute replay to Courtney and Elisha?

I had always leaned toward the idea that something happened to Ayla earlier in the day and Courtney and Elisha, either willingly or reluctantly, agreed to be there and aid in the abduction story. The more I consider Detective Love’s words, the less I lean toward that idea.

“We’ve said from early on in this investigation that the people inside of that house have an answer to all of our questions and that they have more information to provide,” said Love.

What do you think?


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