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It’s Possible

k0141748It’s going on 4 years since Ayla was reported missing. Will anyone ever come forward with information, that one tip that could blow the case wide open? It’s possible.

After almost 10 years after Natalee Holloway went missing, someone came forward claiming to have witnessed what happened.

De Jong claims he witnessed Joran van der Sloot, the primary witness in the case, carrying Holloway’s body the night she was last seen.

“I saw that Joran was chasing Natalee into a small building under construction,” De Jon said. “In about five minutes, he came out with Natalee in his arms and slammed the body of Natalee on the floor… and then he made an opening in a crawl space… I knew she was dead.”

The witness said he didn’t come forward sooner because he was involved in illegal activities at the time. According to Inside Edition, the prosecutor in Aruba is going to take a look into De Jong’s claims.

Joran van der Sloot denied De Jong’s claims.

Van der Sloot said through his lawyer he is not concerned by the new development.

“Joran says everything that man says is a lie,” Altez told FNL. “This is nothing new, and all this man wants is money.”

Van der Sloot told his lawyer de Jong was a well-known provider of marijuana and cocaine in that part of the island. “He sold drugs to Joran and all his friends,” Altez said.

Back in 2005, Altez said, De Jong came to his client and told him he had seen him bury Natalie. He threatened to go to police unless Van der Sloot gave him money.

“Joran always laughed at him,” the lawyer said. “Joran never gave him anything, he always took it as a joke.”

According to authorities, the claims are false.

“Even though Mr. De Jong has not presented more plausible proof of his claims (his current testimony is identical to the one he gave in 2013 to the Prosecutor’s Office), Chief Prosecutor Olthof commissioned the police to contact the management of the Marriott -considering the type of case, the importance of the case and the long duration of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway- with the request to supply information about the state of the construction site of the Spyglass Tower of the Marriott hotel on the 30th of May 2005,” Angela said in the press release. “In short: what was built and what was not yet built on that 30th of May 2005, the night of the disappearance of Natalee?”

Recently the Prosecutor’s Office received the requested information from the management of the Marriott based in Orlando. “From this information, it becomes indisputably clear that on the 30th of May 2005, no construction or building activities were started at the location that Mr. De Jong has specifically pointed out as the spot where Natalee Holloway would have been hidden and/or buried,” according to Angela’s press release. “More concretely: the foundation of the Spyglass Tower (that still had to be built at the time) and of the staircase of the Spyglass Tower was not in place. This means that Natalee Holloway could never have been hidden and/or buried there.”

Even though this witness’s claims weren’t true it’s still possible a witness could come forward with information about Ayla’s case. Especially if they were involved with illegal activities at the time she disappeared. Maybe the arrest of Kerwin Lamour could bring some answers for Ayla. To read more about the Lamour connections, read here and here.

It’s possible. 



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