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dipietroWEB_2442Don’t think so Justin.

“Anytime they’ve had a question about something, if they want us to come to the station … more than willing. We’re cooperating. There’s nothing to hide here.”

Not according to Detective Jeff Love.

“We’ve said from early on in this investigation that the people inside of that house have an answer to all of our questions and that they have more information to provide,” said Love.

It’s so frustrating knowing that Justin and co. seem to think that the general public is just a bunch of idiots who would believe all of their lies. How much more maddening can it be to the investigators on Ayla’s case who have seen and heard a lot more than we have? When will MSP and the AG decide that ‘enough is enough’? When will they haul them all back in for questioning? How can they hope to get those answers if they stop asking the questions? 

I agree with another commenter, MSP needs to publicly clear Trista and her family. Put the pressure on. Something needs to give, Ayla deserves so much better. 


Maine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076


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