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Ayla and Shaylyn – how many more?


There are too many similarities between Ayla’s and Shaylyn’s cases to ignore. Both were staying with their fathers in their paternal grandmothers’ homes. Both were checked on in their cribs after being put down for the night and both were missing in the morning when their families woke up.

In both cases the neighbors reported a party going on the night the girls was last seen and both fathers and paternal grandmothers denied the parties happened. it was claimed that neither of the girls could get out of their cribs and LE in both cases have said the girls didn’t leave the houses on their own. LE in both cases have said there is no evidence of forced entry in either of the homes.

Already two days into the search for Shaylyn Ammerman we’re learning more than we’ve learned in Ayla’s case in my opinion. I can only hope that Shaylyn will be found alive and well soon. From Spencer Evening World

Sergeant Durnil told a variety of news outlets of the girl’s disappearance and the strange circumstances surrounding the situation. From helicopters with night-vision and search and rescue teams utilizing K-9s to dive and rescue teams with sonar capabilities, all available assets were being utilized Wednesday.

Durnil said the OCSD 911 Dispatch Center was notified by the grandmother shortly before 9:00 a.m., reporting the girl missing from her crib. Units from the SPD quickly responded and interviewed the grandmother and three other adults, including the father.

“The grandmother told officers when she checked on the baby this morning, when she woke up, the baby was gone. There were other adults in the house when police officers spoke to the grandmother. Apparently the child lives with the grandmother and biological father at this house for one week, and then the child goes to her biological mother’s house for the next week,” Durnil said. “The biological mom lives in Spencer, close to where the baby was located. Once officers identified the case was a missing persons case, there were several persons of interest spoken to throughout the day. Attempt to locates went out on several vehicles, several persons of interest, several houses were visited by officers and several search warrants have been served.”

He said all of the people at the residence have been spoken to and police are confident none of them have the child. He added that whether or not one of them heard or saw anything remains under investigation.

Durnil said he is unaware if the child walks, but clarified there is no indication she simply walked away from the home or is hiding. He said no crying has been heard.

Shylyan is a 15-month-old white female toddler weighing 20 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a white zip-up infant sleeper with a purple pacifier clipped on and a blue and white Winnie The Poo blanket.

“Officers have searched all over Owen County in different areas, including the areas of the house at 489 West Jefferson Street, basically from White River back to State Road 46, in different search patterns,” Durnil said.

He noted the father has been cooperative and said he hasn’t been able to confirm that a party took place on the night in question, but did say several adults were at the residence, awake throughout the nighttime hours and consuming alcohol. He said no evidence of forced entry into the home or drug use was discovered.

“The crime scene techs have been through the house, there’s all kinds of evidence being secured. What that evidence is, if I did know, I couldn’t comment on it. But that is being collected, whether it be for this case or another case, it’s being collected and that’s going to be transported to our post for analyzing,” Durnil said.

He was questioned about how working the case of a missing child affects emergency personnel.

“It’s awful, we’re parents, we’re moms, we’re dads, and this type of case is something that’s incredibly important to us, that we find this little girl. So when the calls come out, you’re hopeful if it is an abduction, whoever took the child is someone who cares about the child. Right now, we don’t have evidence that is the case,” he explained. “So we’re out there, nobody is going home. It’s difficult to say the least.”


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