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Is It Paranoia?

1656156_590276937715355_1842257529_nJustice for Ayla has been slow in coming. What’s the hold up? Why the procrastination? Will justice ever arrive? As time passes so does some optimism, and some of Ayla’s voices fall silent playing a wait-and-see game or moving on to subjects with brighter prospects. 

Known facts and quotations have been discussed from what angles we can think of. Occasionally something is discussed, and we wonder if maybe we have stumbled onto a good possibility. Is this one such possibility?

Two quotes have bothered me, and from comments made, has others wondering also. 

“We felt it was important that the public understand some specifics of the investigation. We felt it was important that the public understand the magnitude of this investigation and that some of the blood was Ayla’s,” he said.

“The Maine State police are still conducting interviews (and re-interviews) with anyone who knew or was associated with the Dipietro clan and due to an increased amount of activity at the Dipietro’s home the week before Ayla disappeared, there is suspect of drug related causes.” 

These comments from Steve McCausland and Jeff Hanson bring up a concern. Is there more involved here than Ayla’s disappearance? 

Early on we were told of the magnitude of the investigation. We know it has been the largest and costliest in Maine history. I mostly thought of it being directly along the line of searching for the truth of what happened to Ayla and where she is. There always has been the hints, gossip, and allusions to other dark happenings that may have touched on Ayla’s plight. Jeff ‘s comment on suspected drug activity at the DiPietro home goes along with some of these allegations. 

Anon’s post “Coincidences?” has brought out many drug related arrests of individuals with a tie to people involved in  Ayla’s case. How great is this possibility, and does it have an impact on Ayla’s case? 

Some time ago I wrote a post about justice. Although I still strongly believe everything I wrote, I am wondering if I was too idealistic. Justice is supposed to be blind, playing no favorites, but is it? 

What I want to ask each of you is this:

Is it possible that Ayla’s justice has been put on hold pending tangent investigations being completed? Can these other possible factors be keeping Ayla’s justice on a back burner?

 Or, am I being paranoid? 



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