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That call to Derek…

Project1 (1)We first learned of Justin’s call to Derek before calling 911 from John at U4A in December of 2013.

“So this brings us to the morning of the 17th and the 911 call. I have been informed by Trista, that Derek was in fact called before the 911 calls, thus confirming the claims of the commentator on Face Book, but I was not told Phoebe was called before so I can not confirm that information.”

Then in February of 2014 Jeff confirmed that the calls were made to both Derek and Phoebe.  

“On that morning of 12/17/11 Justin called Derek for his advice (which was what he told the police), he then called his mom (Phoebe), and at 8:56am he called 911 twice at some point after the police called him back he locked himself in the bathroom until they arrived.”

As far as I know neither LE, Derek or Heidi have confirmed or denied the calls to the public but according to a comment made by John at U4A, Heidi had confided in a friend and confirmed it.

I don’t think it was odd or unusual for Justin to have called Phoebe before calling 911 if Ayla had truly been abducted. It would make sense to check and see if his mom had Ayla before reporting her missing since Phoebe helped take care of Ayla. Weren’t we told that at times when Trista would call to speak to Ayla, Justin would say to call his mom, Ayla was with her?

According to Jeff, Justin called Derek before he called his mom. If Justin wanted advice, why ask his young friend who’d only been a parent a short time? Why not call his mom first, who had the experience of raising three children? For that matter, Elisha and Courtney were right there with him and each probably had more experience with children than Derek had.

What advice did Justin think Derek could give that Phoebe, Elisha or Courtney couldn’t?

If Ayla had truly been abducted, why would Justin take the time to make the call to Derek first, before calling his mom and 911?

If Ayla had not truly been abducted, why would Justin call Derek first before calling his mom or 911?

What kind of advice did Justin need?

What advice did Derek give?

Was there another purpose for the call to Derek? 

1604926_573763066048270_604553293_nMaine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076


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