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What would you have done differently?

Social-Media-Expert-e1303883412241From the time Ayla was reported missing almost everyone on social media has had ideas, suggestions, complaints and speculations. Clearly everyone is frustrated that no one has been held responsible for Ayla’s disappearance. It’s been over 39 months and from all appearances, we’re no closer to learning where Ayla is or what happened to her.

We compare Ayla’s case to other missing children’s cases and we compare the cold cases in Maine to cases in other states. Predictably our frustration continues to grow with all the “would’ve”, could’ve”, and “should’ve”.

Here’s your platform to tell us what you would’ve done differently in Ayla’s case. Where and when do you think mistakes were made? Who do you think is responsible for those mistakes? In what ways do you think Ayla has been denied justice from day one up until today?

If you agree with the way Ayla’s case has been handled, what do you base your opinion on? If you disagree, why? Obviously law enforcement isn’t going to take the advice of a bunch of “armchair detectives” or “social media experts” but sometimes we just need a place to vent our frustrations. Ayla’s voice has been silenced but our voices have not. What would you have done differently?



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