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So Justin has a lawyer – UPDATE

Amy updated her article with a response from Steve McCausland:

Steve McCausland, spokesman for Maine State Police, emailed a statement to the Morning Sentinel on Wednesday about the new developments in the case, which in 2011 drew national attention and launched the largest and most costly police investigation in state history.

“We are pleased that Justin has come forward and we will continue to monitor the civil process as it proceeds in the court,” McCausland said. “We still contend that the adults in the home the night Ayla disappeared know more than they have told us.”

Waxman said in a phone interview Wednesday morning that there have been media reports that DiPietro, who lives in Los Angeles County, California, was uncooperative in the case and that is not true. DiPietro, he said, has cooperated fully in the case.

“He’s given many hours of statements to police,” Waxman said. “He did cooperate. His story has been consistent throughout. He had nothing to do with her disappearance. He, obviously, struggles with this every, single day, as every parent of a child that has been harmed or disappears would naturally feel.”




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