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Will Ayla ever receive justice?

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It’s been four years since Ayla Bell “disappeared”. No one has been arrested, there is no named person of interest and MSP is not keeping pressure on the last people known to have been with Ayla.

MSP says Ayla’s case is not cold, it is still an active investigation. What are they “actively” investigating? They are not re-interviewing anyone. They are not searching unless it is a tip, and that tip must hold some merit for them to look into it. There have been no more Grand Jury meetings regarding Ayla’s case that we are aware of. Are they just going over the evidence they have for the umpteenth time hoping something new magically appears?

Four years is not long in the big scheme of things but it’s forever in an investigation like this. People lose their recollections over time, memories become corrupted by things they’ve read and heard. Evidence may become corrupted or lost. People move away or die. One potential witness to something has already died in an accident. He apparently gave a statement but did not live long enough to testify before the Grand Jury.

Personnel at MSP changes all the time. Promotions, retirements and moves to other units means new people becoming involved in the investigation who have to start from scratch.
Det. Love, who was involved from day one, has moved on to head the Cold Case Unit. There are new prosecutors who have had to familiarize themselves with the case.

The longer this goes on the less likely we’ll ever see “justice”.  It seems to me that Ayla’s case is stalled. There is nothing that I can see that is “active” about the investigation. MSP either needs someone to talk (not going to happen without pressure) or they need some dumb luck (a hunter stumbling over remains) in order to bring this back before the Grand Jury for charges.

Justin mug shot In the meantime all Justin has to do is wait it out.  He  has been arrested on unrelated charges at least twice that we’ve heard of. He was bailed out and given a slap on the hand.  There’s been no pressure on him to spill what happened to Ayla. The only hope I can see is that Justin sure seems to love his alcohol.  Maybe he’ll break down on one of his binges and tell all to someone who is willing to talk.


Trista & AylaIn the meantime Trista also waits. She tries to go on, she has two other children to attend to, but she can’t really move forward. I think she intellectually knows her daughter is dead but emotionally she clings to that little bit of hope because she doesn’t have answers or closure.  With Ayla still missing Trista is suffering an open wound that can’t heal.

While I say I want justice for Ayla it’s not really justice for Ayla I seek.  Imo, Ayla’s spirit has already moved on and she’s at peace. I seek justice for those left behind who love her, miss her every single day and have to try to go on without her.

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