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We learned of Dean from a comment on the post “Tips for Ayla” at U4A.

Ashley says:
November 7, 2013 at 11:19 pm (Edit)
Tips recent:
December 15th or 16th afternoon time visit by friend of Justin Dipietro goes to 29 Violette ave for a visit. Said visit begins in the kitchen. Said visitor stated “he was chillin drinking a beer and Justin was over on the counter Doing his thing” when said visitor suggested they go out to the steps for a smoke Justin obliged. He told visitor stay here I will go down and grab my butts. Said visitor waited a few minutes and decided to head down the stairs to the basement. Justin came unglued and screamed I thought I told you to stay the f*** upstairs! So after that said visitor decided to leave because of the way Justin was acting.
Obviously the next couple of days unfurled and the said friend realized that something was wrong. He told his family of his friends behaviors and quote stated to his family members I think my friend killed his daughter.

8 months ago said friend passed away in a motor vehicle crash.

the source of this tip is a direct family member of the deceased. The family member states that subpoenas were served to friend before the accident. But was deceased before being at the court date or whatever the subpoena was for.

Did Dean tell anyone else of his friend’s behavior? Who else might Dean have shared this with? Had you been in Dean’s shoes, would you have voiced your concerns and suspicions to anyone other than your family?

If Dean shared anything with you, please go to law enforcement and tell them. LE needs your help.

Ayla needs your help.  

Do-the-Right-ThingMaine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076

WPD Anonymous Tip Line –


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