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ayla-close-up.jpgLooking through past posts I came across a comment:

Anonymous said

March 5, 2014 at 7:15 pm Edit

It might be nice to question Trista, Jessica, Ron, and Becca before you decide to throw in the towel on Ayla. So yeah…lets look at Holly Bobo. Man…you folks are lame. Better to look at another case than address the elephants in the room. You know…the ones you refuse to discuss.

It’s not so much that comment that struck me, although it is kind of odd that 2 years later in 2014 people still want to point the finger at Trista, Jessica,  It was CG’s reply that struck me.  It was well thought out and reflected what I thought too.

CG said

March 5, 2014 at 10:58 pm Edit

In the beginning, it made sense for the public to consider Trista as well as Justin people who might fit the suspect pool. Ayla’s parents did not live together and were engaged in some ill-defined custody dispute, judging from publicly available information. We did not know if there was an abduction or not.

As bits of information trickled in, considering Trista a possible suspect made less and less sense. To consider her a suspect now, you pretty much have to ignore, reject, or come up with a convoluted explanation for–

-police concluding Ayla was not abducted
-police concluding the 3 in the house aren’t telling all they know (and wouldn’t they be happy to if what they knew was that Trista took Ayla?)
– Ayla’s blood- whether you believe it is merely whatever minimum amount constitutes more than a small cut’s worth or the totality of what was described by the maternal family or something in between- in Justin’s bedroom where he allegedly slept leading up to the time he reported Ayla missing
– the police stating they believe Ayla is dead– if Trista or someone acting on her behalf had taken Ayla, why would they believe this?
– the proximity of the bulk of the searches to Justin’s residence, places he would tend to be familiar with and she would not– search sites are normally based on forensics and/or tips
– the comparative ability of the two families to keep secrets – could Trista really have pulled off hiding Ayla somewhere and keeping her there two years?
– the inability of anyone to get into Justin’s bedroom, spill Ayla’s blood with waking anyone, then sneak Ayla out of the house
– Trista being with other people during the time period Ayla supposedly disappeared, first her sister and then Robert; I can understand people might believe her sister would lie for her but if you want to ignore ^^^ and assume Trista took Ayla during the night, what did she do with her by the time she met up with Robert? Remembering of course that she didn’t have a car, there was no public transit running and she had an infant to attend to…

So, if you think police are entirely incompetent and dishonest, you ignore everything they’ve said, where are you? Back at the beginning, I guess, ignoring all the evidence that’s come out in the past two years. If you trust nothing either family or anyone associated with them says and nothing the police say, you don’t have any facts to work with and probably never will…

If on the other hand you want to assume the best about both Trista and Justin and prefer to think neither would intentionally harm Ayla, who was in a position to be responsible directly or indirectly for accidental harm? Ayla was with Justin in Justin’s mother’s house. The people who had access to her were in that house. So if something awful happened that wasn’t anyone’s fault that led to Ayla’s death, Justin or one of the people in the house where he was living would have been the adults in charge. (That begs the question of why cover up, but let’s assume pure panic, fear of not being believed…) Could Trista have reasonably failed to properly supervise Trista in Justin’s house Dec. 16? No, she could not. She wasn’t there. Could she have accidently injured her in Justin’s house Dec. 16? No. Could Justin? Yes and yes.

In the beginning I was hoping Ayla would be found right away.  I hadn’t formed an opinion. 

Justin released his first statement and my opinion started to form. 

Chief Massey said that police know where Trista Reynolds was the night of Dec. 16, when there were several people at the Violette Avenue home.” My suspicion of Trista lessened.

Justin’s second statement was released and coupled with his comments about his lie detector test results, my opinion was starting to solidify.

Everything after that, even taking into consideration Trista’s sometimes hinky behavior, only served to confirm my suspicions:

The three in the house were not telling all they knew.

MSP revealed blood had been found and it was Ayla’s. 

They stated communication had stopped with the paternal family. 

MSP stated that Ayla did not leave the house on her own and no abduction occurred.

MSP’s searches have not been where an alive child would be stashed.  They have searched rivers multiple times, ponds, fields,woods.

MSP released during the Press Conference that Ayla was most likely deceased.

I’m not even using any of the “evidence” the maternal family has released.

Going back to basics and using KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) what is most likely? 

That someone from the maternal family or a stranger snuck in, spilled Ayla’s blood and absconded with her?

That she hurt herself somehow, opened the door, wandered out of the house to never be seen again?

Or that something happened in the DiPietro house, be it accidental or intentional, that cost Ayla her life and it is being covered up?

It’s time for answers and for Justice for Ayla.

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