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Six years ago today, Ayla was alive…

… and she should still be alive today. Unfortunately those who should’ve protected her at the time are now protecting the one who ended her life. None of us know what Ayla’s last days were like because the few who know have been all but silent. Worst of all, Ayla’s maternal family doesn’t know about Ayla’s last days because the paternal family won’t tell them anything.

The maternal family can only imagine what Ayla might have been doing. Sometimes our imagination can be comforting but at other times, terrifying. I pray that God will comfort them through the anniversary of Ayla’s disappearance and this holiday season. 

I still have hope that Ayla will be found, although that hope has dwindled over the years. Someone out there knows where Ayla is and I won’t stop praying that they will come forward some day. This has gone on too long and the kidnapping charade needs to be put to rest. Secrets can eventually destroy their keepers and there are too many secrets being kept. The truth will eventually be revealed, whether here or the hereafter. Either way, Ayla and her loved ones will some day have justice. Throughout eternity. 

 Maine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076

Update with a word from Jeff – “Statement in Remembrance”

“The maternal side of Ayla Reynolds family would like to convey their best wishes to all those that continue to seek justice for Ayla. It is our hope that the tragedy that befell our family six years ago, never touches yours. Be at peace and hold your family close to your heart, be they near or far away this holiday season.”




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