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Who do you think will have to testify at the civil suit?

justin hidingIt was such good news to learn that Ayla’s maternal family has retained an attorney for a wrongful death civil suit. For those catching up you can read about it here. I also want to remind everyone that funds are still needed for the probate court costs.

“We have changed Ayla’s GoFundMe account to $1630.00 to cover these costs (GoFundMe takes 8%). If you cannot afford to donate, we understand. Just a moment of your time to sign our Press for Prosecution  would be a great way to show your support for the family and help obtain justice.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.”

I asked Jeff how soon the money would be needed –

“The money would be needed by December 17th of this year.

We have to petition the probate courts for a death certificate before we can proceed with a wrongful death suit. Maine statute is five years before the presumed death clause can be perused. One of the stipulations for filling is that a reasonable search for the missing person has been done.”

I also asked Jeff if Courtney would be included in the suit or just the DiPietros –

“Not known at this point. Mike Bigos and his team are in research mode.
I do know that everyone that was there that night, and everyone associated with who was there that night, will have their day in court because of this legal action.”

So who do you think is “everyone”? Let’s try to think of anyone who might possibly have information (even if unknowingly) and I will list them here as you make your suggestions. Please just use their first name and initial of last name.
tell the truth
*Anyone who saw Justin, Elisha,Courtney and Phoebe in the days before and right after Ayla disappeared should be questioned.
*Justin’s roommates?
*Who was Elisha with on Friday?
*Who was Phoebe with on Friday?
*Who was at poker party on Thursday?
*Derek’s wife, father and co-workers.
*Bob V.
*Justin L.
*Cop that handed Ayla over to justin.
*Justin’s other ( first?) Baby Momma.
*Connie (babysitter)
*Family or friends of Dean who was killed in car accident
*Physicians, nurses, and receptionists where Ayla was treated while living with Justin.
*The person who reported a ‘sleeping’ child being carried with 3 people in the area on the night Ayla was reported to have been ‘taken’.
*Anyone who told stories about her being hurt or thrown.
*Anyone they can connect to Justin’s, Elisha’s, Courtney’s, Phoebe’s, and Lance’s phone conversations during the days prior and immediately after Ayla’s death. And, the people that those phone conversations lead them to.
*Brianna R.
*Neighbors of 29 Violette Ave.

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