While We Wait…

07 Sep

While waiting for updates on the civil suit, I just wanted to post some videos of Ayla. She was just bursting with love and energy. Life shines through her eyes and smile.

Where are you Ayla?





Maine State Police Tip Line  –   207-624-7076


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21 responses to “While We Wait…

  1. Anonymous

    September 7, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Thank you for posting these.

    • mountain mama

      September 7, 2017 at 5:28 pm

      You’re welcome. Ayla is so beautiful.

  2. ms.p

    September 9, 2017 at 1:14 am

    Thank you mountain mama. And Ayla really is so beautiful !

  3. ms.p

    September 12, 2017 at 3:22 pm
    By Crimesider Staff CBS/AP September 11, 2017, 5:09 PM
    Sobbing, Holly Bobo’s mom collapses during first day of murder trial

  4. ms.p

    September 12, 2017 at 3:31 pm Jurors see crime scene photos as Holly Bobo murder trial continues
    *this is from today* mama if you want to move this off of this page of Ayla’s pictures?

    • mountain mama

      September 12, 2017 at 3:35 pm

      I think it’s fine to post it here MsP. I’m following the trial too.

  5. barbarag816

    September 14, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Ayla will never be forgotten. I hope and pray that she is at peace tonight.

    • mountain mama

      September 18, 2017 at 9:30 pm

      I believe Ayla is at peace now Barbara. I’m praying for peace for her loved ones and courage for someone to come forward with the truth now.

      • barbarag816

        September 20, 2017 at 3:45 pm

        Thank you, MM. I know in my heart that Ayla is at peace, but it’s nice to hear someone else confirm it. Amen to praying her loved ones find peace and justice.

  6. anon

    September 19, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    I can say, with a infinite amount of certainty, Ayla will never be forgotten by Reddit. We are actively asking questions and discussing the case. I hope the family can find peace.

  7. mountain mama

    September 19, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Nearly six years after toddler Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her Waterville home, triggering the largest police investigation in state history and drawing national attention, her mother will go to probate court seeking to have a judge formally declare the child dead so she can later file a wrongful death lawsuit against the girl’s father.

    The probate court hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday in Cumberland County Probate Court at 142 Federal Street in Portland.

  8. ms.p

    September 20, 2017 at 12:28 am

    Thank you mm for sharing this article. This did not come up for me(?).

    I hope all goes well Thursday. I really hope it is as straight forward and simple procedure as possible for Trista. My sympathies to Trista and those who are close and love Ayla.

  9. ms.p

    September 20, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    mm, yes I did mean my own alerts. Thank you for keeping on top of this.
    I now see the CM article on Google. Amy Calder did a great job.
    i do also see WGME and WABI. (i see you also posted wmtw.) I think I need to re-do my alerts

    • mountain mama

      September 20, 2017 at 8:18 pm

      I usually get the alerts several hours after the article is published MsP. I had a heads up on Amy’s article but the rest I found from googling.

  10. Cynthia

    September 21, 2017 at 8:35 am

    I pray for ayla’s family every day.but I have been so mad because anyone who could take a child’s life should be in Jail not walking around being free like they did nothing wrong.please God do right by ayla’s family and put them away for what they did.


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