Phoebe’s Night Out

1044488_337431406403204_1419917298_nFrom the time we learned that Phoebe wasn’t home the night Ayla went missing almost everyone has been curious who her friend was.  

1/30/12 From CNN
GRACE: To Susan Candiotti, CNN national correspondent, let me get this straight. So you are in the home and you`re interviewing the grandmother. And when you say, what did you hear, I didn`t hear anything, when did they find out she wasn`t there?
CANDIOTTI: You know, this is interesting. It was the very next morning. We spent a long part of an evening talking with her. The next morning when I went back, because I was supposed to get together with Justin, the very next morning. He was going to take us out to show him putting up posters, this kind of thing, and interviewing him. She instead met me at the door and told me, I didn`t quite tell you everything the night before.

And that`s when she revealed to me on her own, I have to tell you, I wasn`t there. I was somewhere else, and I want you to know that I told police where I was. And she revealed to me off the record where she was.

I was able to confirm with my law enforcement sources that, in fact, she did tell them where she was that night, and it wasn`t at home, and that they talked to — they were able to confirm it, let`s put it that way.

Why was Susan agreeable to hiding who Phoebe was with or where she was? Susan had no problem sharing the details of the blood evidence in the investigation but when it came to disclosing where and who Phoebe was with, she declined. Why?

2/14/12 From MS
Bourget confirmed that Ayla’s grandmother Phoebe DiPietro was not in the home that night, but didn’t specify where.

“She was with a friend,” he said. “She was out for the evening and out for the night. She had other plans.”

Phoebe’s attorney also declined to tell where or who Phoebe was with the night Ayla disappeared.

From Tori at J4A
Tori G July 27, 2013 at 12:13 AM

I vaguely recall what you are talking about but remember it as a comment on a blog article about someone here whose house was broken into while they were all sleeping and no one knew someone was in the house, I will look though comments and see what I can find but I do vaguely recall reading that.

I can say that I was told by a reputable source who heard it directly from Chief Massey that Phoebe was definitely not in Waterville that night but was in Augusta and her alibi checked out. I do not know if she stopped back in the house but doubt she would make a round trip from Augusta to Waterville to check on anyone since it is 30 min one way. She also would have no reason to not think her kids had things under control since they are the parents and are both adults. JMO. I agree Phoebe coming back or being there that night makes no sense to me.

Who was this friend and where in Augusta was Phoebe?

Why has LE protected their identity?

Is LE protecting the friend or are they protecting their investigation?

Why is the media protecting their identity?

Is the media protecting the friend or are they protecting the investigation?

Was this night out merely a coincidence or was it part of a plan to cover up what happened to Ayla?

There are some who will say it’s none of our business and if LE has checked it out, that’s all that matters. All we know from LE is that her alibi was verified. That doesn’t mean that it was an innocent night out or that the plans had nothing to do with Ayla’s disappearance. Since Phoebe, her friend, LE and the media are keeping the information from the public, how can we not question it?

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