Part 2 of Masquerade’s Timeline (Review)

As requested we’re going to go back and look at Masquerade’s Timeline originally posted at U4A. The first post was published on 6/15/12. You can read the review of Part 1 here. The second post was published on 6/20/12. Thank you Mask for the time and research you put into this series.

January 1, 2012                                                                                                       

•           No Trespassing ~ No Comment

** Throughout the day Sunday, several cars were parked in DiPietro’s driveway. Earlier in the day, before the no trespassing sign was posted, a reporter knocked on the door on two separate occasions, but no one answered. **

January 2, 2012                                                                                                        

•           Justin makes 1st T.V. appearance via the Today Show ~ Link includes video from the Today Show as well as an article from Bangor Daily News

“What you’re doing isn’t right. You may think what you’re doing is right for Ayla, but it’s not. You have no right. You’re not her parent. She belongs home with her family,” DiPietro said.

Over the weekend, state police removed crime scene tape from DiPietro’s home, where Ayla was last seen, and turned the home back over to DiPietro and his mother. Someone posted a “no trespassing” sign outside the house.

** DiPietro couldn’t be reached for further comment Monday by The Associated Press; his voicemail was full. **

•           Below are some quotes from transcripts from Justin’s Today Show interview:

“There’s a few reasons why. initially the first few days i was emotionally incapable of coming out to do an interview, and i had been advised that by coming on and doing an interview, by law enforcement , it could possibly hinder the investigation, and i’m here to help in any way i can, and by coming on here is in hopes of reaching out to the person that does have my daughter and to let them know that what you’re doing isn’t right. you may think what you’re doing is right for ayla , but it’s not. you have no right. you’re not her parent. she belongs home with her family.”

“It was just a normal night, there was nothing — i put her to bed and just been a normal night.”

“I can tell you what i’m not. i love my daughter. i’d never do anything to harm my daughter. she’s the world to me.”

“Can you tell us specifically then about your daughter, tell us what makes your daughter so special?” “She’s my daughter. she’s my child. She’s everything to me.”

•           Ron Reynolds speaks out again for Ayla ~ Case changes from a missing child case to a criminal investigation ~ Link contains video from Good Morning America

•           Justin, Phoebe and Lance sit down for an interview with the Morning Sentinel

 “I hope that whoever had the courage to come into this house and take her has the courage to bring her back. It’s gone on long enough,” DiPietro said during a Monday interview with the Morning Sentinel.

“There was no party,” he said.

Phoebe DiPietro nodded in agreement. She also offered a simple plea to anyone who might know about Ayla’s whereabouts.

“I just want her back,” she said, tearfully

> Still no mention of Trista, Jessica or any friends/family of Trista “taking” Ayla.  Thanks for the 5 words for Ayla, Phoebe.

January 5, 2012                                                                                                        

•           Justin and Phoebe speak about Ayla’s broken arm, in an interview with the Morning Sentinel

“I know there’s value in explaining it,” he said. “But to me, I know what the truth is, and it’s unbelievable for people to make the accusations that they’ve made.”

“That was completely accidental,” DiPietro said of Ayla’s injury. “I would never harm my daughter.”

“I was carrying her,” he recalled during a Thursday interview with the Morning Sentinel. “Usually I let her walk, but it was raining out that night and it was dark.”

DiPietro said he walked in the side door at 29 Violette Ave. and up a short set of stairs leading into the kitchen.

“I came up the stairs and slipped. It happened so fast, I don’t know exactly how I fell on her, but I fell on her,” he said. “It’s burned into my brain.”

His mother, Phoebe DiPietro, 47, was in the next room.

“I was sitting in the living room with my daughter, and we heard a big thump,” she recalled Thursday. “I immediately went to the kitchen and Ayla was scared, obviously. I picked her up.”

Phoebe DiPietro said Justin’s wrist was injured in the fall, but Ayla appeared to be OK.

“I was more worried about (Justin’s) wrist, because he’s broken it into 39 pieces (in a snowboard accident),” she said.

> Thanks again, Phoebe, for all the heartfelt words for Ayla.  Justin never said that he did not break Ayla’s arm.  He once again said, “I would never harm my daughter” – future tense, not past.  Click on the link for the entire interview, along with information regarding Justin’s visit to the ER and Specialist with Ayla.

•           Has LE been calling Justin a “LIAR”, right along?? ~ Phoebe’s home left in “shambles” from investigators

> (This interview was reported on January 7th, but it looks like it may have been taken from the same interview of January 5th)

 “Some of the techniques and tactics that they had to use, without getting into specifics, hasn’t been fun,” DiPietro said. “But, whether they’re popular with me is irrelevant. It’s about bringing my daughter home. Whether it be asking me the same question 25 times and you’ve got someone in your face telling you you’re a liar, the truth is the truth. It can’t be said enough. The truth is patient, and it will come out.”

On Dec. 31, Phoebe DiPietro was invited back to her home by police. Everything inside had changed, she said. Furniture was in disarray and covered in blue and black dust from investigators swabbing for fingerprints. Items that were typically found in the basement were upstairs, and vice versa.

“My house was in shambles,” she recalled. “I don’t even know how to describe that. I felt violated. Along with the fact that someone took my granddaughter from my home, (the police) came in and did what they did.”

> If you click on the link above, you can see where Justin was happy with LE for all their efforts, stating: “They’re not holding anything back to find her”.  I wonder what changed?  When LE went public with his lie’s maybe…

January 6, 2012                                                                                                        

•           Phoebe speaks out for Ayla ~ See her “I didn’t hear anything” interview here

> Note that Ayla’s Christmas gifts were NOT wrapped, I’ve seen people questioning whether they were wrapped or not.

“I can tell you there was not a party here at the house,” DiPietro said.

“It is a very creepy feeling to think that somebody had been casing your house that they had been watching the family’s activities.”

“I have to believe she’s okay.”

January 8, 2012                                                                                                        

•           Phoebe changes her story~ She was not home the night Ayla disappeared

•           See the CNN article here ~ See the CNN video here

DiPietro now tells CNN she was not among the adults at the home from which Ayla disappeared that night, but instead was at another location that she wouldn’t publicly disclose.

During her interview with CNN, DiPietro said Friday that she “didn’t hear anything” when asked if she heard any noise the night Ayla disappeared. She added that there was not a party at the house, noted she wasn’t the last one to go to bed and said she wasn’t sure whether the doors to the house were locked.

On Sunday, DiPietro said she wanted to make clear that she wasn’t home the night Ayla disappeared and that her information about what happened that night came from others.

 January 10, 2012                                                                                                     

•           Trista speaks out again for Ayla with the Today Show ~ See her interview from the Today   Show along with an article from Bangor Daily News here

“I know I’m not getting the whole truth.”

> Trista speaks about her concerns regarding Phoebe’s lies, as well as her concern regarding Phoebe telling Justin that Ayla was “fine”, and did not need medical attention for her broken arm on the morning of his “last class”.

January 11, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Dive Teams Search Kennebec River for Ayla ~ Video and article from Bangor Daily News

“Those areas needed to be eliminated in the search for Ayla,” said McCausland. “If nothing is found, we’ll move on to other areas.”

> Are these the same areas that possible articles related to Ayla may have been found? He said investigators welcome all the attention and on Tuesday urged members of Ayla’s family to continue to talk with reporters.

“We encouraged them to talk with the media to keep the story of Ayla in the headlines,” said McCausland, who also encouraged members of the public to come forward with any information at all, no matter how trivial it might seem.

** Someone inside the DiPietro home on Violette Avenue in Waterville did not answer the door early Wednesday afternoon. **

•           Intense investigation ~ No permanent ban on media per LE/McCausland

McCausland added that Ayla’s family has been cooperative throughout the investigation.

“They have done everything we have asked them to do,” he said. “They have been available every time we have a question.”

He declined to say if any family members have been asked to take polygraph exams.

“This is the most intense investigation we have been involved in during the last two decades in Maine,” he said. “It has had a huge effect on the investigators.”

McCausland also said he wanted to clarify a misunderstanding between police and the DiPietros. Police are no longer asking the DiPietros to avoid media appearances.

On the contrary, he said.

“Very early on in the investigation, in the first couple of days, we asked the principals involved not to speak to the media until we had a chance to talk to them firsthand,” he said. “Then I think there was a misunderstanding on their part, that there was a permanent ban on media. There is not.”

> McCausland still, at this point, claims that Ayla’s family has been cooperating fully.  He declined to comment on any polygraph exams.  Was he still courting Justin, publicly, at this time?

•           Trista speaks out again for Ayla in an interview with Bangor Daily News

“Ayla is my best friend,” said Reynolds on Wednesday.

“I don’t think Ayla has ever had a bad day.”

“She’s got to come home. I can’t imagine the rest of my life without her.”

“[The name] Ayla stuck to us immediately,” said Trista. “It means ‘forever flower.’”

After a week in the hospital, mother and daughter finally went home to a Tinkerbell-themed nursery. Ayla’s birthday smile and zest for life never faded. She rolled over at less than 2 months old, crawled at 9 months and walked at 11. Trista said her favorite time of the day was around 6 a.m. when Ayla woke jumping up and down in her crib and reaching out for Mommy. Trista would bring Ayla into her bed — along with her son, Raymond, who is 11 months younger than his sister — for cuddling. Then they’d dance and sing with the radio while they made breakfast.

“One of Ayla’s favorite things is music,” said Ron Reynolds Jr., Trista’s brother. “Whenever you turn the radio on, she’ll dance.”

** DiPietro could not be reached for comment. Someone inside his Violette Avenue home in Waterville did not answer a knock at the door Wednesday, though a vehicle he is known to drive was in the driveway. **

Trista said her frustration with Justin has intensified since Ayla’s disappearance, mostly because other than a brief conversation a few days ago, he won’t talk to her.

“He says there’s nothing to be discussed,” said Trista. “I have a lot of questions … most of all I would like to know what her last day was like [before she disappeared].”

January 13, 2012                                                                                                     

•           Polygraph: Justin claims he wasn’t shown the results ~ LE claim they told him how he did

“I asked for a polygraph on day one,” DiPietro said Friday during an interview with the Morning Sentinel. “I’ve taken one, and the results, I was never allowed to see them. It’s something you’re going to have to ask law enforcement about.”

DiPietro, 24, was told how he did on the test, Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, said. He said he was baffled by DiPietro’s statement that he didn’t know the results.

“He knows how he did, because we told him,” McCausland said. “To say that he didn’t know, is just not true.”

DiPietro said, “I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”

When asked if police told him the results, DiPietro said. “They can tell me whatever they want. Again, I didn’t physically see the results.”

When asked if police told him he failed the test, DiPietro said, “That’s all irrelevant. I wanted to see the results myself. They’re not letting me see them. Why don’t they let the public see them?”

McCausland said at a Wednesday press conference there were three adults and two children in the home. Friday he said that was a mistake.

“There were two children in addition to Ayla,” McCausland said.

> This is when LE starts to publicly, “call out” Justin, refuting his claim of not knowing the polygraph results.  Also in the above article McCausland encourages the DiPietro’s to speak to the media, for Ayla.

January 16, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Trista arranging to take polygraph ~ Text messages, days before Ayla disappeared

“When I go, you best believe I’m going to tell everyone out there the results,” said Reynolds, who added that some of her family members also are expected to take polygraph tests. “I have been offering to take a polygraph test since Day One.”

Reynolds told the Bangor Daily News on Monday that DiPietro’s statements to the media, as well as the fact that he won’t communicate with her in recent days, are pushing her toward the belief that he knows more about Ayla’s disappearance than he has said so far. She said she exchanged a few text messages with DiPietro while her son Raymond was hospitalized recently with an illness but that he stopped responding more than a week ago.

“Justin thought that a lot,” said Reynolds. “He always thought that I would be the one to take her. I always wondered why he was so scared about that. Now that people are bringing it to my attention, I’m going back and saying, wait a minute. I never went to get her because I thought she was OK and well cared for.”

“I don’t think he realizes how much this is affecting me and my family and the rest of the world. This is serious,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said the news of DiPietro’s test, as well as the fact that the search for Ayla has just passed the one-month mark, have pushed her mood to a dark place.

“I’ve been having a very rough few days,” she said. “I’m really missing her.”

** DiPietro did not respond to telephone calls and a text message from the Bangor Daily News on Monday. **

January 17, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Candlelight Vigil ~ Justin’s first local appearance ~ Why doesn’t he speak out for Ayla?

At the end of the hour-long ceremony, DiPietro and friends walked silently through an array of TV news cameras in the church lobby and stepped into the rain outside.

January 18, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Phoebe: “I have to believe she’s OK” ~ See her CNN interview here

•           Trista unable to complete polygraph

“I have prepared this statement because I said that I would release the results of my lie detector test to the public. I took that test today.

“According to the test administrator, who was very courteous and professional, I was unable to complete the test due to a medical condition. It was suggested to me that after treatment by a doctor I would be able to finish the test, but the investigating authority is content with the general outcome of the incomplete test (as it stands).”

“This is far from the result I wanted to share with the public, but I will take the advice of the administrator and seek attention for my medical condition so I can be healthy enough to be re-tested if required. In the meantime I wish that people will keep Ayla in their hearts and wish with all of us for her safe return.”

> Trista has repeatedly been willing to share information regarding herself, with the public, regardless of how the public will view the information.  She is more interested in keeping Ayla’s name and story in the spotlight, then worrying about public opinion.

January 20, 2012                                                                                                      

•           This Little Light of Maine inserts itself into Ayla’s case

Harry said she has kept in touch with DiPietro over the years, and they have spoken on the phone nearly every day since Dec. 17 — the day Ayla was reported missing from her Violette Avenue home.

** DiPietro could not be reached Friday for comment. **

Elisha DiPietro was the first person to wake up that day, Harry said.

“It was at about 8:30 (a.m.) that Justin’s sister, whose room is closest to (Ayla’s) room, awoke and started moving about the house in her Saturday morning routine,” according to the website account.

Elisha DiPietro checked Ayla’s room and discovered Ayla wasn’t there.

“After a rushed trip down the stairs and the discovery that Justin did not have Ayla either, there was instant panic. (DiPietro) bolted up the stairs, knocking over the gate that was placed there every morning for the two little girls, and into her room. Nothing. She wasn’t there. She wasn’t anywhere inside. Outside — nothing,” Harry wrote.

> Click the above link for more of TLLOM’s original “story” – the “story” was later changed toCourtney Robert’s being the one to discover that Ayla disappeared.  Angela Harry insists that, THAT (change from Elisha to Courtney), is the ONLY “clarification” she made.  If she spoke with Justin nearly EVERY DAY, since Ayla “disappeared”, I would think she would have had her “story” straight before “going public” with it.

January 23, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Angela Harry speaks out regarding her “clarifications’, through a telephone interview with The Morning Sentinel

“I expected there would be a firestorm. I just didn’t expect that I would give them so much material to work with,” Angela Harry said Monday during a phone interview.

Harry said the revision was a clarification, not a wholesale change.

On Saturday, an article about Harry’s website appeared in the Morning Sentinel. Over the weekend, Harry revised the website,, several times. First, Harry added a new detail to clarify the series of events of Dec. 17, she said. Later, Harry removed the story altogether.

** DiPietro could not be reached for comment. **

January 25, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Amanda Benner speaks out on Jane Velez-Mitchell telephone interview/video

> Click the above link to see the JVM telephone interview.  Also discussed is the noise heard by the DiPietro neighbor at 3:30 a.m., on December 17, 2011.

•           Police deny request for audio and written transcript of 911 call to The Morning Sentinel

Police have denied a request by the Morning Sentinel for an audio recording and written transcript of the 911 call that reported 21-month-old Ayla Reynolds missing, saying it could get in the way of the investigation.

Last week, a Morning Sentinel reporter submitted a written request at the police station. On Wednesday, Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey responded to the request by letter, saying the police denied it “after consultation with City Solicitor William Lee and careful consideration.”

“If we know information hasn’t been reported publicly, we can have a higher degree of confidence that the person we’re talking to knows what they’re talking about and isn’t regurgitating what they’ve seen in the news or on a comment forum or on a blog,” he said.

January 27, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Ronnie and Becca take polygraph tests, per a Morning Sentinel interview with Becca

Ayla’s uncle passed the exam, while Ayla’s grandmother was unable to complete it, according to

Hanson said she offered to suspend her medication and retake the exam later, but police didn’t offer a direct response, she said.

“They didn’t say yes, they didn’t say no. They just said they didn’t think it was necessary,” she said.

January 28, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Justin and Trista meet for the first time since Ayla’s disappearance, at the Bubble and Balloon Vigil ~ Justin, Selena, and Trista speak out

Their words were private, but their body language spoke of anguish. Trista Reynolds, who rocked back and forth on the City Hall steps as she talked to DiPietro, earlier had addressed the news that police have been analyzing blood found in the basement of the Waterville home where 20-month-old Ayla was last seen.

> What did Justin have to say?

DiPietro said that he did not want to comment about the police report.

“I’m coming out here today to support her,” he said before leaving the event. “And thank the community for all they do.”

> What did Selena have to say?

Reynolds wore a green ribbon in honor of her daughter and a button with Ayla’s smiling face pinned to her hooded sweatshirt. She and Selena Johnson, DiPietro’s aunt, cried and held each other for a long moment.

Johnson said she has never had the chance to meet Ayla.

> What did Trista have to say?

“That is my prayer, that she’s still alive,” she said. “I am praying. I need answers. I think everybody does.”

“I haven’t seen her face since Nov. 21. I haven’t hugged her. I haven’t kissed her,” Reynolds said. “I’ve learned how to be patient in the last 40 days. Every day is getting harder, and the days are getting longer.”

Reynolds, her eyes red from crying, told a friend that she was trying to keep it together and stay strong for Ayla’s sake.

“Whoever did take her, whoever has answers, I’m asking again, please tell us,” she said to the reporters. “I love her. I will not stop fighting until I get the answers I want, or she comes home.”

•           Announcement of Ayal’s blood being discovered in Justin’s bedroom/basement

The blood was found early in the investigation into Ayla Reynolds’ disappearance from her father’s home in Waterville, state police spokesman Stephen McCausland said.

McCausland called the discovery of the blood “troubling.” He declined to discuss how much blood was found in the basement or how long it might have been there.

DiPietro, his mother and a third adult were home the night of Dec. 16, and police have questioned all three, McCausland said.

“We believe they have not given us the full story,” he said.

** DiPietro declined to discuss the discovery of the blood. **

“I’m not going to answer any questions about it, but I will say this: If there was something there, I don’t think I’d be standing here with you right now,” he told the Morning Sentinel newspaper in Waterville.

** A woman who answered DiPietro’s mother’s cellphone hung up after being asked about the blood. **

•           More from Phoebe and Selena ~ MSP doubt’s the DiPietro/Roberts “kidnapping” story

> What did Steve McCausland have to say?

“There were three adults in the home, and their version of events is not backed up by any forensic evidence that we have located,” McCausland said Saturday afternoon. “That someone slipped into the home in the middle of the night, while three adults are there … that someone went into the bedroom where Ayla was sleeping alone, removed her and vanished into the night — and that the three adults did not see or hear anything — doesn’t pass the straight-face test.”

“We find the discovery of the blood troubling, and it’s also frustrating that we think the three adults in the home that night haven’t told us everything they know,” he said.

> What did Phoebe have to say? (Not too much…)

“Personally, I do not believe anything happened to Ayla other than she was taken,” she said. She owns the Violette Avenue house, but was not there the night Ayla disappeared.

> What did Selena have to say?

“This is my prayer — that she’s found alive,” said Selena Johnson, of Augusta, sister of Justin DiPietro’s mother, Phoebe DiPietro.

Johnson learned about the blood in the basement at the vigil.

“I don’t know how to feel, other than that I really want to talk to my family,” she said tearfully. She and her sister were later seen hugging.

She added that her sister’s advice to her was not to read the news reports about Ayla’s disappearance. “She said she’s going to give her faith to God and the FBI,” Johnson said.

> Apparently Phoebe has no concern for Ayla.  It appears to be no big deal, someone just took her granddaughter…  I wonder why Phoebe didn’t want Selena reading any news reports about Ayla?  Phoebe apparently had great faith in LE, at this point.

January 30, 2012                                                                                                      

•           Ron Reynolds speaks out again for Ayla, in another heartbreaking interview with WCSH 6

“This family again has gone through hell and I’m tired of it,” Reynolds told NEWS CENTER. “I want Ayla home. I want somebody in that family to have the guts to come up and tell the state police who has her, or where she is, so we can bring her home once and for all.”

•           Police blast Boston TV station for inaccurate report

WCVB reporter Michele McPhee is credited with a story that appeared Monday night on the Boston ABC affiliate as well as an article online under the headline “Police Believe Missing Maine Toddler Dead.”

“That is why I issued a release,” he said of a press release he emailed to reporters at 8:36 p.m. Monday. “I’ve never spoken those words and I’m not going to repeat them. I’m not going to pick apart something that is unattributed, irresponsible and inaccurate.”

> The article attributes “several law enforcement sources” in stating that Justin DiPietro, who is Ayla Reynolds’ father, fled a police interview when confronted with luminol-enhanced photos of his daughter’s blood spatters in the basement of his Waterville home. The WCVB report also claimed those same unnamed law enforcement sources said the blood, which McCausland said Sunday has been confirmed as Ayla’s, had been “cleaned up.” The sentence, “police do not believe Ayla is alive” was unattributed.

•           Here is the WCVB Boston news article, which was edited to read: Hope Fades For Missing Maine Toddler

The toddler’s blood was found splattered in the basement of 29 Violette Ave. in the Waterville home where Ayla was staying with her father, Justin DiPietro, Maine State Police said.

Several law enforcement sources said the blood appeared to have been “cleaned up” and that DiPietro left a police station when confronted with luminol-enhanced photos of his daughter’s blood splatters taken by crime scene investigators a week after he reported her missing.

“Abduction is no longer a part of this investigation. We have grave doubts that an abduction took place and there is no evidence to support it,” Stephen McCausland, spokesman for Maine Department of Public Safety, told Newscenter 5.

“We are focused on what happened to her in that house. There are three people in the house that have not been truthful. Their story does not pass the smell test,” he said.

McCausland confirmed that the people in the house on the night Ayla was last seen took lie-detector tests, “and they know the results.”

> It is my understanding that the only part of the Boston article which was edited (inaccurate), was MSP believing Ayla was dead, at that time.  We can see in the previous BDN article, that apparently: The sentence, “police to don’t believe Ayla is alive”, is unattributed.  This leads me to believe that, at least, the rest of the article IS attributed.

•           More regarding the blood evidence in another article from BDN

“The idea that someone sneaked into the small house and took Ayla without awakening any of the adults “doesn’t pass the straight-face test,” McCausland said.

“We’ve followed every conceivable piece of evidence that would follow their version of events, and we have found not one piece of evidence that supports an abduction,” he said.

Ron Reynolds speaks out again:

“I look at her and wonder why, why, why would anyone want to hurt that little girl?” he said before angrily addressing Ayla’s father in Waterville. “He was supposed to protect her. He didn’t even do that.”

“Right now I feel so helpless,” the former Marine said. “Enough is enough. I’m tired of it. Someone ought to have enough guts to stand up to the plate and say where she is so we can have closure. If for some reason my little girl is not with us, then we need to bring her home.”

What did Justin have to say?

Justin DiPietro declined to comment Monday, brushing past an Associated Press reporter outside his house without addressing questions before going inside and emphatically closing the door. The AP couldn’t find phone numbers for his girlfriend or his sister.

DiPietro has not responded to numerous requests for comment from the Bangor Daily News, including one on Sunday evening. DiPietro has maintained that he is innocent throughout the investigation.

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