It wasn’t that long ago that I was very encouraged that something was about to happen. I was confident that the debris blocking Ayla’s case and holding back justice in a stagnant quagmire was finally going to be dislodged allowing the mighty force of truth and justice to burst forth. As you can see, it hasn’t occurred yet.

It is amazing to me how many ups and downs there have been during the 31 plus months since Ayla went missing. Some of the ups have been higher than others, compensated for by lower lows. There has also been a lot of flat stretches on this roller coaster ride.

A1 posted a link on J4A to an article on how the internet interest in cases like Ayla’s quickly decline with time. In the article there was a chart that was to representAyla chart interest in Ayla’s case. As my eyes followed Ayla’s line over the months I noted there were some upswings. It was easy to think of what the causes for these were. I confess that those points caused me some slight satisfaction. For a brief time, things seemingly were not going as someone obviously wants.

No matter how you personally believe when it comes to Ayla’s disappearance this applies. There is someone who wants the public to forget. Some where someone was sweating. For however long it lasted, they were not winning the battle.

I will take what little satisfaction I can at this point.

Think back to where you started following this case. As information came out, wasn’t there a feel that something was about to happen? A heightened sense followed by the depressed let down when nothing became of it?

Ayla search 0718 copyWe can all think of the different points in time when hope was kindled.

Each time there has been a search there was the conflicted hope. To find Ayla would be heart rending, yet would bring resolution. Bittersweet is not even an appropriate phrase. Still, the anticipation has repeatedly remained unrewarded.

Remember the anticipation and the build up leading to “The Case For Ayla”? Regardless of how you personally felt about the release or the advisability of it, wasn’t there a feel of just maybe something was about to happen? Perhaps it was tempered with a bit of pessimism, but there was still something there.

The “Press for Prosecution”, “TC4A”, “The Taking of Ayla”, Justin’s arrest on assault charges, the court appearance and press conference debacle, all these things gave hope that did not prove productive. Some of these things have been calculated attempts by family members to get the case moving. Still . . . . nothing.

It wasn’t as long ago as it now seems, when Anon-Lurker made those great comments. I know I needed the reassurance that was given. A first hand vote of support for Bill Stokes, combined with a glimpse of lesser charges that could be sought that may just possibly accomplish what all the other things had not, getting a break in Ayla’s case.

The glowing referral of Stokes character. Stokes as a damn good prosecutor. Stokes as one who would not be dissuaded from seeking justice for Ayla. . . . Now Stokes is about to be appointed as Superior Court Judge and back down I go.

There have been no searches that we have heard of in quite a while. Are those re-interviews actually being done? Just how long ago was the last LE press conference for Ayla?

We need another Anon-Lurker. We need something to look towards as a hope. We need encouragement.

Ayla needs someone to speak out the truth for her.



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