Trista Lies?

trista 3There have been times when reading comments on the blogs dedicated to Ayla that I have thought, “why are we concentrating on this? Just how much impact does this really have on Ayla?” I’m sure others have felt the same way, and probably about comments I have made. After all, we are here because of Ayla. That does not mean we all hold the same view on the subject. Each of us question different things and some may question everything. Please realize that I do not mean that as a slam at all. Ayla’s case is very trying for everyone.

Recently, there was much discussion about Trista lying. I have previously made comments on the subject. Reflecting on the comments being made has me expounding on the thought’s variations and ramifications.

Before continuing, I want to address a point of contention for some. Friends For Ayla is not aligned with the maternal family. There are no ties, and no administrators or other officials are linked to them other than previously contributing at U4A. Recently an allusion was made that I am a Trista supporter. I am not. Neither have I called others DiPietro supporters, preferring to believe that we are indeed all here for Ayla. I do have sympathy for anyone deprived of Ayla through no direct involvement of their own.

Being sympathetic does not make one a supporter.

It’s a given fact that the maternal side of Ayla’s family has put out misinformation. Most, if not all of this can be traced back to Trista. Conflicting statements are not uncommon in an investigation. Some are deliberate, some are not, and LE is used to having to sort it all out. The question is why has the misinformation been made?

A lie, by definition, is an intentional effort to mislead. Has that been the contributing factor in the misinformation released? Perhaps it has, although it seems to have been done in a haphazard manner, and easy to dispute. If intentional, then why the ready- made retractions, although that can be explained away?

What if these untruths have not been an intentional attempt to mislead? Can the confusion and misdirection be an extension of the very same thing in Trista’s mind? In the text messages we have seen from Trista,trista 2 she states that Jeff is smart, unlike the rest of her family. Is it a comprehension factor, perhaps exasperated by the internal turmoil caused by a missing daughter that is the reason? Perhaps, perhaps not…

If Trista intentionally tried to mislead, what could be the motivation for doing so? On occasion, that subject has been broached. In exploring possibilities, let’s remember that most all of us are handicapped with not personally knowing Trista and having that first- hand knowledge of just who she is. Everything that I have to say on the subject is mere conjecture, subject to my perception, and no more valid than anyone else’s thoughts.

The easiest explanation I have, for Trista to have lied is the heat of the moment concept. Sometimes, when angry, people will just blurt out words that have no basis, not considering the ramifications or consequences. Even highly intelligent individuals can get caught up in the moment. The more emotion driven the person, the higher the possibility. Someone who is capable of remaining detached is less prone to falling into this mode, but Trista doesn’t seem to fit the detached category.

Another possibility would be that Trista has deliberately, with premeditation, tried to place blame upon Justin. This would bring up a further question of motivation. Why would Trista try to frame Justin? Two possibilities come to mind.

Perhaps Trista, becoming disillusioned with LE’s investigation and inactivity by the AG’s office decided to lend a hand. This would not be a first. The bloody glove that did not fit O.J. Simpson comes readily to mind. Trista, however, was not in a position to plant evidence against Justin. Could she have believed that she could tip the scale against Justin with just her unsubstantiated words?

What if the lies were misdirection? Trista’s attempt to point suspicion away from herself and accomplices would have the added benefit of implicating someone she may feel has injured her. Filing for parental rights and the trip to Machiasport were diversionary tactics. Pictures of Jeff and Jessica, dressed in black and with their faces blackened, slipping away with Ayla undetected, the Mission Impossible theme song playing in the background comes to mind. The blood information is, after all, a release from the maternal family only, and does not have the benefit of LE confirmation. Is this in actuality a viable possibility?

Perhaps the basis lies in a more self-protective reason. Self- serving perhaps, but maybe more understandable. Let me try to convey this thought that entails the emotional frailty human beings can be subject to.

Imagine being in the situation where your toddler daughter is missing and you truly have no knowledge of what may have befallen her. Your emotional distress is compounded with the realization that you have failed to keep her safe. Through your own actions and inactivity, the door was open for harm to come, and your child has disappeared. Law enforcement has given you no hope that your baby is even alive. How can you deal with the pain and self- recrimination?

Furthering the onslaught of your self- condemnationMissing-Toddler-600x618 is the betrayal you feel. You trusted the one you now feel is directly responsible for your child’s disappearance. You placed your trust, and now know it was trust misplaced. How could they ever have allowed harm to come to the child formed between you?

Just perhaps you had the thought that this child, your world, would become their world too. By being in possession of your child, they would have feelings of wanting to complete the family with you. Wouldn’t the realization that your own desire jeopardized your baby girl be unbearable?

Consider the ebb and flow of emotions, fluctuating from controlled to running rampant. How would your words come out? Would what you say at certain times, be accepting of blame, while other times shifting the blame on your betrayer? Could you always handle the bitterness you are faced with?

“It is a terrifying realization that this is real, that it’s your fault, and not a bad dream you can wake up from.”

To Trista’s credit, she has taken blame. Any waffling back and forth is human and maybe understandable as part of the mind’s attempting to cope with the pain and anguish associated with the tragedy of Ayla’s plight.

Some say Trista lies. She may very well, many people do. The question is- what is Trista’s motivation if she does?

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